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Camden Plantation will provide opportunities presently not available or not convenient. A commercial facility will be developed and may include a grocery store, drugstore, hardware store, clothing store, bank, restaurants, offices, loft apartments and much more.

Neighborhood centers such as the Camden Plantation Town Center development will be areas of more urban uses within the village. Camden Plantation Town Center will provide the most localized availability of goods and services needed daily by village residents. The Town Center will also provide a social and operational focus of the village. Residential uses and neighborhood-oriented, mixed use development are inherent to “village-style” commercial centers. The Camden Plantation Town Center will play an important role in the “building blocks” of Camden Plantation.

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Photographs shown are representative of types of homes we expect to offer. Specific plans and elevations have not been confirmed at this stage.

This master plan is a preliminary illustrative representation of the design intent and is subject to change due to the governmental agency and financial institution requirements, changing economic conditions and increased knowledge of ecology needs and changes due to field conditions at the discretion of the developer. This master plan is not part of the legal documents and contractual commitments of the developer.

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